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About Us

We have been designing, manufacturing and supplying windows and doors since 1980. We specialise in replacing old steel and timber windows and doors with new aluminium doors and windows. More often than not, this is a one day, one stop job. And, unlike many other companies in our business, we also do all patch plaster, sealing of the new units and removal of the old windows and doors from site.

We also offer a complete design service for residential, commercial and industrial projects. This service is invaluable as it allows the client to choose the correct product for the application.

All products are manufactured at our factory in Wetton and clients are invited to come in to see the manufacturing process.

All too often people install the incorrect type of window or door unknowingly and have to accept and live with this error or suffer the additional cost of changing the unit.

You can avoid this by making use of our many years of experience and professional approach to all projects.